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5 in 1 Keyboard Earphone Cleaning Tools Kit,Earbuds Cleaning Brush Keyboard Cleaner Dust Remover Key Puller

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High quality cleaning Use shoe cleaning wet wipes Quick Cleaning Shoe Wet sneaker Wipes


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  • The bristles are made of high quality fibers and are moderately soft, not too hard and not too soft, for better cleaning of clothes. The bristles are finer and repeatedly rubbed many times to take away the dirt in the fabric fibers.And there is no need to worry about brushing bad clothes or shoes, it is specially designed for cleaning brushes, will not be as hard and rough as other.


  • One button press to dispense liquid, the brush head can store a certain capacity of laundry detergent inside, cover the lid and press the button behind the laundry detergent can flow out automatically, press to stop the laundry detergent will not flow out. The amount of laundry detergent is controlled to avoid waste and the problem of not finding the detergent.
  • This sneaker cleaner quick wipes provide a faster, more powerful, and most convenient way to clean your shoes whenever you needs. Just simply wipe your shoes with this, need no water and tissue, your shoes will be totally refreshed.


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1 review for High quality cleaning Use shoe cleaning wet wipes Quick Cleaning Shoe Wet sneaker Wipes


    High-Quality Cleaning with Quick Cleaning Shoe Wet Wipes
    Quick Cleaning Shoe Wet Wipes offer unparalleled convenience and effectiveness in maintaining the pristine condition of your footwear. With their high-quality construction, versatility, and compact packaging, these wipes are a must-have for anyone seeking effortless shoe care on the go. Say goodbye to dirt and stains with ease, and hello to fresh, revitalized shoes in seconds.

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