Sambar Recipe 

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Sambar Recipe 


250 gms- Dal Arhar (Toor Dal)
¼ Tea spoons- Turmeric Powder
To Taste- Salt
3 Table Spoon- Refined Oil
½ Teaspoon- Mustard Seeds
¼ Teaspoon- Cumin whole
¼ Teaspoon Fenugreek Seeds
2 Nos. -Red chilli whole
1 Teaspoon Garlic, chopped
40 grams- Onion, sliced
50 gms- Tomato, chopped
30 grams- Carrot, sliced
30 gms- Beans Cut Small
50 grams- Pumpkin Red
30 grams- Lauki, diced
1 No- Drumstick, cut into pieces
30 grams- Sambar powder
40 ml- Tamarind pulp
2 pinch- Asafoetida powder
10 grams- Jaggery
As Required Water
10 grams-Coriander, chopped
30 ml –Refined Oil
1 Teaspoon -Mustard Seeds
½ Teaspoon –Cumin whole
20 Nos- Curry leaves, 2 Nos- Red Chilli Whole (Round), 2 pinch- Asafoetida Powder


1. Wash and soak Arhar (Toor) Dal for half an hour.
2. Take a pot, add water and add soaked dal. Add turmeric powder and salt. Bring to a boil. Cook until dal is done. Remove from fire and keep aside.
3. Take a pan and heat oil. Add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds cumin and red chilli whole. When they crackle add sliced onions and sauté for one minute. Add Tomatoes and cook for two minutes.
4. Now add all vegetables and stir cook for 5 minutes. Add required amount of water, and bring it to boil.
5. Add sambar masala powder and salt. Simmer and cook till vegetables are done. Add tamarind water and jaggery. Check seasoning and adjust the water before finishing.
6. Heat oil in another pan to prepare a tempering.
7. Add mustard seeds, cumin, red chilli whole, curry leaves, and asafoetida powder. Cook for 30 seconds and add to the prepared sambar. Boil sambar for five minutes and remove from fire.
8. Serve hot garnished with chopped fresh coriander.

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